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Sign Executive of the Year Award 2021

Sign Executive of the Year Award 2021

The Sign Executive of the Year Award 2021 : Manon Vallée

This award has been a long time coming and the Shunga team is proud of our vice-president. 

Manon’s journey began in 2000 with Sylvain Séguin, when they decided to launch a new and innovative brand of intimate cosmetic products, under their already existent high-end cosmetic company Eau Zone Oils and Fragrances.

Manon’s knowledge of cosmetic and skin care products mixed with Sylvain’s knowledge in design and chemistry were the perfect storm. Inspired by Japanese erotic works of art from the 16th to the 18th century, Shunga was created.

Since 1999, Manon has been travelling the globe to present our products to our valued customer. No one is indifferent to Manon’s presence, as she brings smiles and laughter through her well put presentations. Her care and attention to our customers and her public relation skills elevated the Shunga brand awareness through time. Twenty successful years have passed by and The Shunga brand is now present and distributed in 70 countries around the world.

In the name of all the SHUNGA team, we would like to congratulate Manon fort the Sign Executive of the year award for the year 2022 , and for her contribution for the brand since the beginning.


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